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Honeymoon HotelWelcome to the website of OLIVIA RYAN - the pen-name of SHEILA NORTON.

As Olivia Ryan I am the author of the 'Tales from' series of books:

- Tales from a Hen Weekend

- Tales from a Wedding Day

- Tales from a Honeymoon Hotel.

I have had five previous books published under the name of Sheila Norton - and now there are two NEW Sheila Norton books available from Amazon. The first is :
Sophie Being Single

And this has now been followed by:
Debra Being Divorced

and Millie Being Married

These three books form a series about the Jennings sisters and are Kindle e-book originals. Sophie's and Debra's stories are also now available as paperbacks, only from Amazon, and Millie Being Married will be produced as a paperback too in due course.

You can find out more about the Sheila Norton books on

My most recent Olivia Ryan book is Tales From A Honeymoon Hotel.

Under my own name, I write a blog at Sheila Norton: The Blog.

Also as Sheila Norton, I write short stories for women's magazines, and occasional features for various other magazines.

And I have published two anthologies of short stories as Kindle editions. They're called Travellers' Tales, and Let's Get the Kettle On - both available from Amazon under the Sheila Norton name.

If you can't find any of my books in bookshops, or on line, you might like to try your local library.

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Meanwhile thanks for visiting the website and I hope you enjoy my books!

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